Sarah Bergstrom

I grew up in northern GA and have always considered myself a runner, playing in the woods or chasing my siblings and friends around the neighborhood. I didn’t start running competitively until my freshman year of high school. In high school, I ran both cross-country and track. In cross-country, I placed 6th place in state as an individual my freshman year of high school and 2nd place in state as a team my junior year.
After high school, I was accepted to the US Naval Academy and graduated with a B.S. in Political Science. At the Academy, I was on the Navy Women’s Rugby team and Rugby taught me the versatility of running to have both speed and endurance during an 80 minute game of non-stop physical exertion. This was how I trained for my first marathon in 2007 the Shamrock Marathon in VA beach.
After the Academy, I was first stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC and graduated from Logistics Officer Course. Here I got a dog, my Golden Retriever named Rocky, and started running the trails on the weekends in the training areas. During my time in Lejeune, I ran my first trail marathon and Ultra 50K. From Lejeune, I was selected for the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA and started getting more serious about cross-training after a running injury. I started CrossFit Endurance (CFE) and since then have primarily used CFE to completely transform my running abilities to be a stronger, faster runner with better endurance. I ran my first JFK50 miler November 2017 using CFE’s training approach. I graduated from NPS in 2016 as a Data Management Officer with a M.S. in Information Science and am currently doing my payback tour at Marine Corps Systems Command at the Global Combat Support System-Marine Corps Program Office.
As a runner, reading Born to Run gave me confidence in my ability to push the limits in ultra racing; after all, humans were designed to run long distances for survival. I also run purely for the pleasure of running and think this mentality keeps me going on those long trail runs. Lastly, running has been a great social activity and sharing my adventures with others is what makes running a vital part of who I am.


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