MURCA Base Ops

Welcome to MURCA, Home of the Marine Ultrarunners!

MURCA is a group of ultrarunning Marine veterans located worldwide. A small fraction of the few, the proud, MURCAns know the physical and mental suffering found inside the proverbial pain cave and draw from a deep well of fortitude to push beyond perceived limitations.

MURCA’s Values

Inside the Club:

  • Support – fellow Marine runners.
  • Camaraderie – familiar to and cherished by Marines.

Outside the Club:

  • Service – to greater causes.
  • Leadership – by setting a positive example for fellow runners to emulate on the roads, trails, and track.

All MURCAns share two things in common: the title “Marine” and a love for running.

To join MURCA, send us an email. 

MURCA strives to be a recognized team at ultramarathons across the country, setting a positive example for runners to emulate on the trails, road, and track, and bringing awareness of veterans’ needs to the ultrarunning community.  MURCAns are a rare breed, and may not fit the mold of typical ultrarunners, preserving the ability to fight their way out of a late night bar scene gone awry, while displaying unrestrained endurance.

Read the MURCA Opus to find out what drives our members.

MURCA’s Mission

MURCA’s mission is to provide a healthy support network for Marine veterans who are passionate about running and to serve as champions in the ultrarunning community for veterans’ causes. MURCAns fundraise and spread awareness for veteran non-profits such as the Semper Fi Fund and The Wingman Foundation, who help combat-wounded, critically ill, or catastrophically injured post-9/11 veterans.  MURCAns strive to make a difference by setting a positive example on the roads,  trails, and track for fellow runners to follow.

MURCAns are Committed:

  • To connect Marine ultrarunners with a healthy support network.
  • To represent Marine veterans in the ultrarunning community.
  • To support veterans through fundraising, awareness, and volunteer service.
  • To help fellow Marine veterans find solace in running.
  • To lead fellow runners to become healthier, faster, and stronger.
  • To provide the unique sense of camaraderie that Marines cherish.
  • To attract Marine veterans to the sport of ultrarunning.
  • To sponsor elite Marine runners to compete in major ultramarathons.

DISCLAIMER:  MURCA is not affiliated with the U. S. Marine Corps or the U. S. Government. The group exists exclusively as a private group of individuals who proudly wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor as Marine veterans.

Membership in this elite group is not open to everyone. For more information, contact MURCA.

Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitus.1_MURCA Official light p

MURCA is a proud partner of The Warriorʻs Keep, a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to unite, empower and enhance the quality of life for veterans with the use of Outdoor Therapy.
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