MURCA Base Ops

Welcome to the Marine Ultra Runners Club of America (MURCA).

We are an exclusive group of ultrarunners who have the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor embedded in our soul. As a small fraction of the few, the proud, we, as Marines, know and appreciate the physical and mental suffering found inside the pain cave and draw from a deep well of fortitude to push beyond perceived limitations. We don’t fit the mold of typical ultrarunners, preferring to preserve the ability to fight our way out of a late night bar scene gone awry.

Read the MURCA Opus to find out what drives our members.

MURCA is about camaraderie, sharing lessons learned and sea stories, coaching, training, connecting like-minded Marines, networking, supporting worthy organizations and causes, and living Semper Fidelis. MURCA strives to be a recognized team at ultramarathons across the country, representing the Marine Corps and bringing awareness of veterans’ needs to the ultrarunning community specifically. Marines and ultras fit naturally, MURCAns are ambassadors for the sport and for the Marine Corps.

MURCA’s outreach vision is to support worthy organizations that help the families of fallen warriors (such as 22 Too Many, the Semper Fi Fund, and The Wingman Foundation). This support is made possible through unique fundraisers that leverage social media, friends, family, fellow runners, military service members, and consistent race participation. We serve as champions of veterans causes in the ultrarunning community. The club envisions a future where warriors with both visible and invisible scars join together on the trails for camaraderie and healing by setting a goal and working together to grow and improve. MURCA strives to be a recognized team at the hundreds of ultramarathons across the country in order to bring awareness of veterans’ needs to the ultrarunning community specifically.

DISCLAIMER: MURCA is not affiliated with the U. S. Marine Corps or the U. S. Government. The group exists exclusively as a private group of individuals who proudly wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.

Membership in this elite group is not open to everyone. For more information, contact MURCA.

Saepius Exertus, Semper Fidelis, Frater Infinitus.1_MURCA Official light p

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