Leon Nevins

Growing up in Upstate NY, I was a 3 season runner at Walton Central School from 7th grade to graduation. I grew up on 2 wheels as well, cycling has always been a major part of my love for endurance athletics. I was a decent size fish in a little pond (class D), not very completive at the shorter stuff. XC was my strongest discipline, didn’t try steeple chase till my senior year of T&F so I kind of missed the ball on that. Dabbled with Pole Vault, one crazy day I made 10′ 6″, never was close or came close again. Haha.

Joined the Marine Corps in Oct of 2009, first enlistment was as an Ammo Tech (2311), deploying to Afghanistan on an IA billet in that time. I lat-moved to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (2336) and have been a Tech since September 11th 2014. Been stationed at Camp Fuji JP, Quantico TBS, Okinawa JP, and currently at MCAS Beaufort SC. Fun Fact, my wife who I met via ultra-running, is a very accomplished ultra-runner, and also an active duty US Marine.

Running and Cycling has played a major role in who I am today. Last year I ran the Kodiak 50K at Big Bear Mtn. while TAD to 29 Palms for a month, which was a new and challenging experience. Currently I’m training for the Cremator 50miler, Beaufort SC in July. I’ve been invited and accepted into the Mattamuskeet Death March, carrying a 50cal. Ammo can full of glass marbles for 100km in NC August heat. I’d love to Vol State at some point. Not a race, bucket list; the wife and I plan to do Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon this year. I got away from running and endurance athletics for a handful of year after joining. Finding sobriety, regaining my health, and rekindling that joy in 2015 has been a blessing. I’m grateful for my health, my family/love ones, and the opportunity’s I’ve been afforded in life.

My personal mantra when going deep on those big runs: Look up, Breath it in, Be Grateful.

Thanks, Leon.”

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