Christine Taranto

Christine won the Armed Forces Marathon Championship, and being USMC Athlete of the Year TWICE (2013 & 2015). In her own words:

I’m a Navy brat hailing from Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers) who grew up as a competitive swimming and then transitioned to running when I couldn’t stand looking at the bottom of a pool any longer. Turned out for the best as I won two PA state championships (XC and indoor 3200m)…fun fact I was a volunteer librarian all through high school.

I have 11 years of USMC service, plus some time at “The Boat School” or USNA. Logistics selected me and I couldn’t be happier. One deployment to Iraq and one WESTPAC on board the USS Comstock while at 1stMLG, plus three “deployments” (ha) to 29 Palms while the OpsO at MWSS 272 at glorious New River.

Athletics has always been a part of my life. Running literally grew on me during middle school and high school. My relationship with running contributes to so much of who I am now. Even as the relationship has changed. I went from being a two time state champion, to quitting the team in college (to ride bikes), to using it to maintain my sanity on deployments, to making the All Marine Running Team, and now finally after a 19 month hiatus due to major injury….I have the best sense of self than I have ever had before.

Christine’s Wisdom:

  1. Be patient (with everything). Good things come to those who wait and put in the work.
  2. On race day, HAVE FUN. Trust in your training, you’ve done the hard work.
  3. Remember, running enhances your life, it does not define you or your life. Remember to embrace all parts of who you are and be grateful that you GET to run, you never HAVE to run.


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