Anna Albrecht

In Anna’s own words:

I grew up in Minnesota and played sports like soccer, basketball and softball when I was young. I started running track and cross country when i was in 7th or 8th grade and stuck with that throughout high school. I’ve gone through a lot of fitness phases and have competed in crossfit, strongman, bodybuilding, and I trained for powerlifting. Right now I’m going to school at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I was a suuuper motivated poolee! Haha I enlisted when I was 17 at the beginning of my senior year and by then, was running the PT sessions at my recruiting station (again, I was very motivated lol). My MOS was Public Affairs and I was stationed on Camp Pendleton with I MEF and the 15th MEU. I deployed with the MEU in 2015 and my contract ended August of 2016. My time with the MEU was probably my favorite because I got to do a lot of training with our MRF as an enabler and I was part of a FET in Qatar. Running has always been a big part of my life, but I just started getting more seriously into it when I moved to Hawaii. I actually ran my first half marathon in July of 2017 and things quickly escalate from there haha. I ran HURT 100 in January, which was my first 100. Somehow I placed 3rd female which gave me a guaranteed spot in the 2020 HURT race. That’s what I’m training for now! I’ve been looking into doing the Superior 100 next year and have some plans to do the AT with a friend next summer.. Nothing set in stone yet! Three pieces of running wisdom… If training isn’t fun and you’re dreading running, you’re doing it wrong. Listen to your body and enjoy the outdoors. Strength training is sooo important for injury prevention so don’t stop lifting because you’re a “runner”. Time on feet > speed work.

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