MUC Athlete Testimonials


“Mike was first my friend and classmate before he became my running coach. When I mentioned to him that I was interested in running a marathon, he jumped at the opportunity to coach me. Mike designed a detailed 20-week marathon‎ training program for me based on my initial goal of 3:30. Between training for a 100-mile race of his own, coaching his other athletes, creating/running MURCA, being a Marine Officer, and countless other responsibilities, Mike gave me detailed one-on-one attention and provided feedback for every single one of my workouts. Mike is such an encouraging guy, and always provided positive reinforcement after tough runs, but he also knew when to challenge and push me. Mike made changes and updates to the training program based on my progress, which paid off as I was able to crush my goal, running a 3:16 at the Marine Corps Marathon. Mike’s knowledge encompasses so much more than just proper running form and programming. We talked about the importance of rest, dealing with injuries and soreness, proper nutrition, race day mentality, and incorporating cross training. Mike was able to turn an average athlete into a runner, and I am so thankful for his mentorship, coaching, and friendship. I’d recommend him to anyone from competitive athletes who are trying to hit a new PR, to those looking to simply improve their fitness. Thanks Mike!” –Matt Cornachio, Quantico, VA.


“Mike has been working with my two youth soccer teams. Soccer is an extremely physical sport that requires a lot of cardio preparation, balance, and strength. He has helped make them better athletes and soccer players. The workouts are age appropriate, fun, and beneficial. When other teams seem to be running out of gas, these boys have been ready to play.” -Tom Seymour, Emerald Soccer Club, Smithville, MO. 


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