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Marine Ultra Coaching (MUC) will help you achieve your running goals. Marines know and appreciate the physical and mental suffering found inside the pain cave and draw from a deep well of fortitude to push beyond perceived limitations. Using important and relevant lessons learned about mental toughness from a career in the Marine Corps combined with the latest science and best practices from the running community, MUC will get you in the best shape of your life. You CAN go faster and farther than ever before, while staying injury-free!

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Marine Ultra Coaching (MUC) is a branch of MURCA: Marine UltraRunners Club of America. Membership in MURCA and training with MUC are separate and distinct. MURCA membership is exclusive to Marines, whereas Marine Ultra Coaching serves all athletes looking to improve their performance or become a better runner.


Athlete Testimonials

Mike was first my friend and classmate before he became my running coach. When I mentioned to him that I was interested in running a marathon, he jumped at the opportunity to coach me. Mike designed a detailed 20-week marathon‎ training program for me based on my initial goal of 3:30. Between training for a 100-mile race of his own, coaching his other athletes, creating/running MURCA, being a Marine Officer, and countless other responsibilities, Mike gave me detailed one-on-one attention and provided feedback for every single one of my workouts. Mike is such an encouraging guy, and always provided positive reinforcement after tough runs, but he also knew when to challenge and push me. Mike made changes and updates to the training program based on my progress, which paid off as I was able to crush my goal, running a 3:16 at the Marine Corps Marathon. Mike’s knowledge encompasses so much more than just proper running form and programming. We talked about the importance of rest, dealing with injuries and soreness, proper nutrition, race day mentality, and incorporating cross training. Mike was able to turn an average athlete into a runner, and I am so thankful for his mentorship, coaching, and friendship. I’d recommend him to anyone from competitive athletes who are trying to hit a new PR, to those looking to simply improve their fitness. Thanks Mike! –Matt Cornachio, Quantico, VA.


Mike was my physical training coach for over two years. He is one of several who worked with our very large “boot camp” group that was taught by U. S. Marines and is one of my favorite coaches ever. Mike knows how to motivate his students in a positive manner. If you follow his program, you will get to love his style of progressive training. He starts you out at your skill level. Mike understands that not everyone is a twenty-year old Marine just out of basic. He works with you so that you will attain your personal greatest potential. While working with Mike, I found that he was one of the most professional trainers I have ever met. He is a prolific student of performance and training. He understands human physiology and how it relates to athletics. When I started working with him, he ran with me to evaluate my skills, gently correcting my running style, gait and other attributes of running. Thanks to him, I shaved off 30 seconds of my 1 mile run and increased my endurance from 3 to 6 miles within twelve weeks. I got better, not because he pushed me, rather because he worked with me. He showed me how to run more efficiently and thus, faster. Mike also worked with me in overall physical performance, upper body, core, and legs. All these areas help make me a better runner. Because of him, I became the oldest person to complete the prestigious “Citadel Bulldog Challenge” offered by the Marines here in Charleston, SC. This challenge tests all aspect of physical training and is not for the weekend runner. I was honored to complete the course. If you are considering a coach, I recommend Mike Harris with enthusiasm and without reservation. – Kem Fronabarger, Ph.D, Charleston, S.C.

Kem F. at The Bulldog Challenge at The Citadel in Charleston, SC.

Mike has character and integrity above expectations. He was responsible for the success of programs at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is the ultimate role model for bringing professionalism and accountability to any task or responsibility. The Medical University has high expectation for employees and Mike met these expectations and went beyond what was expected. He changed the lives of many civilians while teaching at the Medical University. Not many people can say they helped people change the way they lived their lives. The Medical University is proud of Mike and thankful for his contribution to our community. – Janis Newton, Director, MUSC Wellness Center, Medical University of South Carolina.

I first met Mike Harris when he ran an early morning fitness program at the Medical University of South Carolina. Having not exercised since college, twenty plus years before, I had been sent there by my doctor. I had a myriad of health issues that had grown acute over the years including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. I was on the fast track to an early grave. Meeting Mike changed my life.
In the first two months of working with Mike, my blood pressure had dropped, my blood sugar levels began to approach a normal range, and my dosage of blood pressure medications were cut in half. Within a year I no longer took medication for diabetes and my blood pressure medication was reduced again. I also eventually lost over 50 pounds.
When I first walked in that gym, I wasn’t sure I would belong nor did I know what to expect. At the beginning we were all required to take a Physical Fitness Test. I completed the mile run in 15:10 by walking and jogging. Twelve weeks later, I had dropped the time to 13:00 and was named the most improved in the class. Throughout the class, Mike was always encouraging and giving me advice to improve. He always set the bar high for the class but he also showed me how to reach the bar.
One of things that was key for me was learning to love running. Each week, the class met Mike to run the Cooper River Bridge, a 5.2 mile trek. At best, I could jog a bit and walk a bit. Each time Mike saw me, he had an encouraging word.  
I found that I liked the challenging of running and started to enter road races. I was last in my very first race but eventually raced 24 times in my first year of racing which included the Cooper River Bridge Run. Since that time I’ve competed in numerous 5Ks and 10Ks, multiple half-marathons, two marathons, and a Half Ironman triathlon. I’ve done multi-day bike tours, off road bike races, and rode in the Assault on Mt Mitchell.
Ten years later, Mike Harris continues to be one of my chief encouragers. I am proud to recommend him to anybody who wants to begin running, improve their endurance, or increase their speed. Greg Shore
Greg Shore after a successful Marine Corps Marathon in 2010.
gregs honors.JPG
Greg’s race bibs!

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