2020 MURCA V50K

The 2020 MURCA V50K is complete and raised nearly $5,000 for The Warriors Keep.

2020 V50K

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The Marine UltraRunners Club of America is proud to host its third annual virtual race, the 2020 MURCA V50K. This year’s event will once again benefit The Warrior’s Keep, a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to unite, empower, and enhance the quality of life for veterans with the use of outdoor adventure and recreational therapies. The Warrior’s Keep’s mission and ethos closely resembles that of the Marine UltraRunners Club of America. Read more at The Warrior’s Keep.



The 2020 event was run in memory and in honor of late MURCAn Bob “Iceman” Coolidge, who passed in February 2020. Bob was an incredible human being and exemplified all that MURCA stands for. Click here to read more about Bob.




Shortly after the end of the race window (June 30th), MURCAs vote on the MOST EPIC 50K. The winner of the MOST EPIC 50K receives a one-of-a-kind award.

  • Eligibility: Some evidence of your run must be present, although this does not have to be a GPX or Strava upload. Without solid data, a thorough and detailed narrative with pictures and witnesses must be offered in your group post about your run.
  • Decision: The MOST EPIC 50K will be decided by the group. During the week following the last day of the virtual race window, all MURCAns will vote on their favorite to receive this honor. Details on how voting will happen will be provided later.
  • Award: The participant who submits the MOST EPIC 50K will receive the Icemand Award, named in honor of Bob “Iceman” Coolidge. The Iceman Award is a unique, one of a kind keepsake. See the picture below for last year’s award, held by the one and only Bob Coolidge himself (last year’s recipient).
Bob “Iceman” Coolidge won last year’s Most Epic 50K, running his shortly after heart surgery!
MURCAn Nick was the winner of the 2018 MOST EPIC V50K with his incredible Pike’s Peak Adventure!
  • Keep the MOST EPIC 50K award in mind as you plan and run your virtual 50K. And thank you for being a part of MURCA and the 2020 MURCA V50K!


The Rules

  1. Run/jog/hike/walk 50 kilometers in a single effort within 24 hours (no extended breaks between multiple efforts that aggregate to 50 km for the day).
  2. Your V50k must NOT be an organized race or event that you are participating in. For example, I cannot count my Psycho Wyco 50k in February as my MURCA V50k. The only exception to this is a local “fat ass” style 50k in which two or more MURCAns attend together as a group run.
  3. You can carry, pre-stash, or have friends/family provide aid to you during the 50k.
  4. You are NOT required to provide .gpx, .tcx or similar data to prove you ran 50k. To show completion and qualify for your finisher’s medal, simply post in the MURCA FB group to tell the group how your run went. For non-MURCAns participating in the V50K, please email MURCA to let us know about your V50K; be prepared to include a link to your activity on Strava, Garmin Connect, or similar, or photos, or just tell us a good story! Feel free to provide as much detail as desired, pictures and MURCA apparel are highly encouraged.
  5. If you get injured or cannot complete the V50k in the race window, please contact Mike via MURCA FB group or via email. the V50K’s can be completed outside of the time window in extenuating circumstances.

The Warrior’s Keep

The Warrior’s Keep is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization whose mission is to unite, empower, and enhance the quality of life for veterans with the use of outdoor adventure and recreational therapies.

The Warrior’s Keep is an organization founded and operated by military veterans. All veterans were trained to go to war but never trained to come back home. The goal of The Warrior’s Keep is to fill a part of every veteran’s life that was left behind when they left active duty. The sense of purpose and camaraderie felt when serving is the driving force behind The Warrior’s Keep.

The money raised from the MURCA V50K will help fund The Warrior’s Keep’s Vet-Ex and Vet-Rec Outdoor Therapy Programs.



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