2018 MURCA V50K

The MURCA Semper Fi Virtual 50K took place from 1 February to 31 May 2018. 50 MURCAns participated and raised over $2,000 for the Semper Fi Fund!


Congrats to Nick Mitchell for winning the MOST EPIC 50K Award. See below for Nick’s account of the run.

MURCA 50K complete. Started out with the Manitou Incline with 2,000 feet of gain in less than one mile. I went from there to the Barr Trail that is about 11.5 miles to Pikes Peak. All was going well until I hit the tree line at 11,500 feet. As the forecast was 35 to 45 mph winds with gusts up to 65, it got cold fast. The high for the day was 17 degrees on the peak with wind chill values at -20 to -30. When I stopped at the tree line to add some clothing my hands became so cold I could not straighten my fingers. Thankfully, I had some hand warmers to help out. As I got closer to the top, the conditions worsened as the trail became non-existent due to the snow cover. The last three miles were exhausting as I was treading through knee-deep snow, at times, while hoping that I was still on the right path. For the most part, I was, but I did get lost a few times. Nonetheless, I made it to the top and once there I did not want to stay very long due to the wind. I did have the mountain all to myself though.

Although the accent was difficult, the descent showed me just how much I was lacking in caloric intake, water, and electrolytes. Soon after I hit the tree line on the way up, my water began freezing. I was left with consuming slush, but couldn’t take enough in. It eventually thawed out on the way down, but I completely ran out six miles before I could get a refill. Ultimately a headache set in and remained for the last 16 miles which made running less enticing.

Overall it was a crazy experience, but definitely worth the challenge. Many lessons learned the hard way.

Congrats to Nick Mitchell for winning the 2018 MOST EPIC 50K!


What: The 2018 MURCA Semper Fi Virtual Race to benefit the Semper Fi Fund.

When: Feb 1st to May 31st, 2018. This is the window in which you must complete your 50k.

Who: Open to all MURCA members, their friends, and their families.

Why: This is the first fundraising event under the MURCA Semper Fi Project, the group’s 2018 fundraising endeavor to help the Semper Fi Fund. The Semper Fi Fund provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 combat wounded, critically ill and catastrophically injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. The Semper Fi Fund delivers the resources they need during recovery and transition back to their communities, working to ensure no one is left behind.


  • Registration is closed for this event. There are currently 50 runners participating in the MURCA Semper Fi 50K Virtual Run. Over $2,000 was raised for the Semper Fi Fund!
  • High-quality, unique 3″ MURCA 50K medals awarded to all participants. These are not cheapo medals, we all have too many of those.
    • Medals will be mailed to you within two weeks of completing your 50k (shipping and handling included in race entry fee).


  • Shortly after the end of the race window (May 31st), MURCAs vote on the MOST EPIC 50K. The winner of the 2018 MOST EPIC 50K receives a one-of-a-kind award.
  • Eligibility: Some evidence of your run must be present, although this does not have to be a GPX or Strava upload. Without solid data, a thorough and detailed narrative with pictures and witnesses must be offered in your group post about your run.
  • Decision: The MOST EPIC 50K will be decided by the group. During the week following the last day of the virtual race window, all MURCAns will vote on their favorite to receive this honor. Details on how voting will happen will be provided later.
  • Award: A one-of-a-kind trophy will be awarded to the MURCAn who ran the MOST EPIC 50K. The ME50K trophy is a unique keepsake, hand-made by a skilled artisan and retired Marine.
  • Keep this in mind as you plan and run your virtual 50K. And thank you for being a part of MURCA and the Semper Fi 50K!


The Rules

  1. Run/jog/hike/walk 50k in a single effort.
  2. Your 50k must NOT be an organized race or event that you are participating in. For example, I cannot count my Psycho Wyco 50k in February as my MURCA 50k. The only exception to this is local “fat ass” 50k. These are more like group runs with no entry fee, no t-shirts, no finishers awards, and meant to be more of a community event.
  3. You can carry, pre-stash, or have friends/family provide aid to you during the 50k.
  4. You are NOT required to provide .gpx or similar data to prove you ran 50k. To show completion and qualify for your finisher’s medal, simply post in the MURCA FB group to tell the group how your run went. Feel free to provide as much detail as desired, pictures and MURCA apparel are highly encouraged. Posting your run to Strava is also highly encouraged, if you are so inclined.
  5. If you get injured or cannot complete the 50k virtual race in the race window, please contact Mike via MURCA FB group or via email: mike@marineultrarunners.com, 50K VRs can be completed outside of the time window in extenuating circumstances.
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