Fundraising Efforts

To date, MURCA has raised over $16,000 for partner charities!

2021 MURCA V50K

The Marine UltraRunners Club of America (MURCA) is proud to host its fourth annual virtual race, the 2021 MURCA V50K. This year’s event will once again benefit The Warrior’s Keep. The event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC again this year. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a unique event with MURCA. The window for completing the V50K is February 1st to June 30st, 2021. All V50K’s must be completed within this window.

Stay tuned for details on the 2021 MURCA V50K. To stay up to date on the latest info on the 2021 MURCA V50K and to follow MURCA, be sure to Like and Follow the MURCA FB Page

Archived MURCA Fundraisers:

2020 – MURCA V50K

The 2020 MURCA V50K raised nearly $4,500 for The Warrior’s Keep. 

2020 V50K

The 2020 MURCA V50K MOST EPIC 50K award goes to Jay Mooney. Read about his truly epic 50K

2019 – MURCA V50K

The 2019 MURCA V50K raised over $5,626 for The Warrior’s Keep. 


2018 – MURCA V50K

The 2018 MURCA V50K raised over $2,000 for the Semper Fi Fund.

2018 – Karl’s Run-Burp Challenge at Liberty Memorial

This event raised $3,998.44 for the Semper Fi Fund.



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