22 Too Many

MURCA Member, Butch, ran for 12 fallen warriors in 2017.

About five years ago, several runners in the DC area ran in memory of three runners lost to PTSD/suicide. The runners had become acquainted with the mothers of the fallen via Facebook. The runners pinned their pictures on their shirts and ran the Rehoboth Marathon, then sent the medals to the families. In the spring of 2013, the official statistic of veterans lost to suicide per day had been raised from 18 to 22. By then, 22 Too Many had 11 runners running for 11 Marines/soldiers to equal 22; 22 Too Many, hence the name. 22 Too Many ran the DC Rock-N-Roll Marathon and again sent the medals, connecting with more families. Over the last five years, 22 Too Many has grown to well over 200 Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen from the current wars, Vietnam and even Korea. The mission of 22 Too many is to remember these heroes lost to PTSD and to serve as a living memorial. The organization also shares resources for those struggling and for their families, and provides resources, support, and encouragement for grieving family members.


MURCA member, Butch, ran for 12 fallen warriors during 2017.



Click here to learn more about 22 Too Many.

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